Big project and some SFX DIY


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Okay, it’s thursday.. Currently 23:15 here in Denmark and here I am.. Sitting in my new bed, looking at at white screen with no words on it.. I have so many notes and ideas that I just wish I could get down on a piece of paper, but I can’t.

I’m currently working on a big SFX project and I’ve been so busy this week, plus I went to a party at my school yesterday and it was awesome! But anyways.. I didn’t know what to do for this post, but then I thought, why not write a easy SFX DIY that i’ve made myself this week. It’s are super easy and if you’re looking to get into the magical world of SFX, this might come in handy.. Continue reading

Something different – TMI and news


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I didn’t really know what to do for this post. I was thinking about doing a tutorial for the last picture I posted on my Instagram, but my computer I use to edit is broken and some of the video went missing, so that will be posted next week.
So here’s the TMI tag, so you guys could get to know me a little better. Also stay tuned to the end where there will be some exciting news.  Continue reading

5 easy beauty hacks


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Don’t we all want to make life a little easier? I know I do sometimes and especially in the makeup world. So here’s 5 easy beauty hacks, to make the beauty work a little easier for you. Continue reading

How to: Makeup and the real me


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Okay, so this is the first thing I’m gonna be posting after the “change”…
How to: Makeup. In this post, I’m gonna be talking about; How to get started on makeup, different types of makeup, how to earn money from it and how to publish it to the world.
Also I’m gonna tell you who I really I’m and some other stuff about me.
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Long time, no see.. Hello again! I’ve been away for a long time now, haven’t I? I guess so.
– Well, let me tell you… I’ve made a decision and you may not like it, I’m not sure, but I like the thought of if. I’m gonna make a few changes on my blog, but first.. maybe I should tell you what I’ve been up too.  Continue reading

January 6th – Weird, but good.


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Sometimes I don’t like to be in my own skin. I don’t hate myself, but sometimes I have these feelings in my body. It’s like a ticklish feeling or a scratchy feeling. I don’t know why, but when it happens, I don’t even want to touch my arms or something like that. I don’t know why? I hate it, really! I don’t know what to do… But also sometimes it changes into a good feeling. Sometimes I feel like I just need to laugh and I start smiling for no reason! I like this feeling.


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Being you is okay!


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You are beautiful. No matter what others tells you.
You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. Being you should be great, no… Being you should be the best thing you possibly could be! No one should ever tell you different. You are perfect. Being you is perfect. Not like in skinny, pretty, model-like. But no matter what you look like, no matter what. You are perfect in your own way.

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