How am I actually feeling?


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That’s probably the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer. How am I actually feeling? I hate when you haven’t talked to someone in awhile and they ask you the most common question of all… “How are you doing?”. I want to tell them what I’ve been feeling and what I’m going through, but there are some things you don’t tell people you only call “friends”, whom you’ll never talk to on a dailybasis or people that aren’t that close to you. So what do you say? I usually go for the old “Meh, I’m fine. A bit stressed, but I’ll be alright”. What else should I say? I can’t even explain it to myself, what I’m feeling. Continue reading

Thoughts by Sam – Now one year!


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Today is my 1 year anniversary on my blog “Thoughts by Sam”!

I Just wanna thank all you guys, who was around for my ups and downs! I don’t know what I would have done, without this blog. It gave me courage to do stuff, to say my opinion, to put myself out there. And even though some of you don’t care, you guys still mean a lot to me. Thank you for not minding my emotional time and my DIY’s and so on. Thank you! Continue reading

How not to blog


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Okay, so I use pinterest a lot.. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I’m kinda addicted to it and I couldn’t live with out it. It’s my lifesaver… There is all these DIY and all these random Harry Potter quizzes, so basically some really important useful stuff.

But that’s not the point. The point is, I also see all the post with “How earn money from your blog”, “How to make a professionel blog”, “How to blog” and so on. The truth is, these post annoy me, probably more than they should. I could just block those post or something like that, but here I am instead… Rambling about why I don’t like them.  Continue reading

SHORT FILM out on monday!


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So I’m blogging again. I know, I said that I would start doing it more and then didn’t, so let me explain… The day after I decided to blog more everything, literally everything, blew up.. My dog wouldn’t eat, some family-issues happened and I got so stressed out and I still am, but I’m starting to feel a lot better now. So I’m trying again, I’m trying to do more blog posts and youtube videos.  Continue reading


Everyday makeup look


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Tomorrow is editing-day. I’m gonna be sitting in front of my computer all day, looking at pictures from todays photoshoot, but I didn’t want to do that all day. I keep talking about filming makeup videos for you guys, but I never do it. So I have decided to film a everyday makeup look tomorrow, when I get bored and tired of editing.  Continue reading


What have you been working on?


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Well, as I said, I’ve been working on a SFX makeup project the last couple of weeks and even though I can’t show you guys everything just yet, maybe I could share some sneak peeks. These are some horns I’ve made. They are easy to make, so if you want to know how, please let me know in the comments below. Continue reading